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Electric Toothbrushs Pros and Cons:

There has been much debate as to whether an electric toothbrush is better than the traditional manual version. Dental experts often have solid opinions that are either for or against the use of the electronic option. To make an informed decision about whether to choose electric over manual, read the following pros and cons of an electric toothbrush.


There are many advantages to using an electric toothbrush:

- It provides a greater range of motion, oscillating in a circular motion while rotating and moving from side to side. This greater range of action provides a better clean all round without the need to manually perform these movements.
- It is the ideal option for people who may have dexterity problems which can make cleaning their teeth suitably tricky. For example, children, the elderly and people with disabilities can benefit greatly from using an electric toothbrush.
- Patients with braces or other dental orthotics may find it easier to use an electric toothbrush to clean their teeth effectively.
- An electric toothbrush can bring some excitement to the brushing experience resulting in more regular teeth cleaning.
- It takes less time to scrub teeth effectively with an electric toothbrush than it would be getting the same results manually.


- One of the most significant disadvantages of an electric brush is that it is far more expensive than the manual version. This said it is imperative to invest in a quality toothbrush rather than opt for a cheaper version that will not provide the same benefits or last as long.
- Electric toothbrushes are prone to malfunction and damage.
- It is possible to over brush which can result in damage to the gums and even the enamel of the teeth if the action is to fast or the brush is too hard.
- It is not always the ideal option for those who suffer from tooth sensitivity or other oral health conditions such as gingivitis/gum disease, caries/cavities or cracked or broken teeth.

The choice of an electric toothbrush is often one of personal preference. There are also a wide variety of makes and models available on the market that may be more or less suitable for a specific person. Due to the expensive initial outlay, it can be difficult to try different types to find one that is suitable. It is advisable to ask your dentist to recommend one that is most suitable to meet your unique dental needs.