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Maintaining the best smile takes some work. Not only do you want to do so for aesthetic purposes, but keeping your teeth and gums healthy is crucial to your overall health and wellness. In this article, we will discuss some of the top things that you are going to want to consider when it comes time to choose between a regular toothbrush or an electric option.

Electric Vs. Manual Toothbrush:

1. More Effective At Removing Plaque.

When it comes to removing plaque, electric toothbrushes almost always come out ahead. It has been proven that electric toothbrushes are much more effective at removing plaque than manual counterparts. Along with this, they are much better at reducing instances of gingivitis as well. The best electric toothbrushes are the ones with oscillating heads rather than the pure vibration heads. Therefore, it is going to be a much better option to go with an electric toothbrush over a manual. This is especially true if you opt for an oscillating option.

2. Mobility.

Another big reason why you might want to choose to go with an electric toothbrush is that it is going to be much better suited to those that might suffer from mobility issues. If you are someone that is either disabled or otherwise unable to brush with your hands due to various issues including but not limited to arthritis or something else, you will want to consider investing in an electric toothbrush.

3. Timers.

Another big reason why electric toothbrushes win over the regular options available on the market is that they feature built-in timers that you will be able to use to tell when your brushing session is over. Being able to brush your teeth on a timer is a key reason why electronic toothbrushes tend to yield better results. You need to brush your teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes to be able to clean it effectively and to get rid of the plaque on your teeth. Therefore, the toothbrushes that feature built-in timers are going to help remind you that you should be brushing your teeth for a sufficient length of time.

4. Gum Health.

Another significant benefit that comes with electric toothbrushes is the ability to brush the gums safely. An electric toothbrush is going to be tailored to help clean your gums carefully and to avoid overbrushing which can cause gum damage. This alone makes it a good option over the manual options.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to opt for an electric toothbrush over a manual.